5 Hamptons style home décor pieces you must have

If you want to feel like you’re living in a beautiful beach house by the coast all year round, then a Hampton style house is perfect for you. This cool, calm, and clean interior design is popular among Australian homeowners for plenty of good reasons.

The Hamptons are a well-known seaside resort in New York. The look and feel of their accommodations have created a great impact on the rest of the world, hence the Hamptons style interior.

The Hamptons style gives any home a coastal and nautical vibe while maintaining a crisp, sophisticated look. It can make any house feel fresh and breezy, no matter where it is located.

If you want to copy the Hamptons style interior, check out these top decor pieces that you should have when decorating:

Oversized couches and plenty of sitting space

Since beach houses are designed to encourage relaxation and bonding, getting a huge couch is the key to achieving this. A white oversized couch is the key piece to this look — the comfier, the better. Place a lot of throw pillows and you’re good to go.

Rattan ottomans, armchairs, and bean bag chairs not only add extra seating, but also completes the overall Hampton style house design.

Cobalt blue accent pieces

In addition to the crisp white backdrop of the Hamptons style, cobalt blue is an essential colour in its palette. You can incorporate this hue through the couch cushions, throw pillows, blankets, and artwork.

Mix cobalt blue with big, bold stripes. Additionally, you can also display blue flowers such as hydrangeas or freesias.

Crisp, clean white backdrop

If you haven’t guessed it already, the colour white is the main hue of a Hampton style house. From the walls, baseboards, panels, and up to the cabinets, everything must be crisp, clean, and absolutely white.

This is the reason why the Hamptons style gives such a breezy feel. The calming effect of the white backdrop matches perfectly with the splashes of cobalt blue and the relaxing greenery.

Wood and wicker

For that authentic Hamptons style interior, use driftwood in your floorboards, ceiling, and beams. The colours of the driftwood complement the white and blue hues of the entire house. You can ask Australian house building companies to use driftwood if you’re planning to renovate your house.

Wicker or rattan is also a key décor piece. A rattan lounge chair will look perfect whether it’s placed indoors or outdoors. Additionally, rattan shades will look great on light fixtures.

Venetian blinds

Soft, white curtains look dreamy while hanging from your windows. However, Venetian blinds are more minimalistic and keeps the shade out more efficiently. This will fit the bathroom or kitchen windows perfectly. Ask your chosen Hamptons style builders to install the Venetian blinds for your home.

Build the perfect Hamptons style home

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