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Child Care: The Development of Children

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Parents, your children’s education is a priority. If your child is coming of age to enter school, you should decide to let them learn with a professional teacher and a great learning environment. Australia is filled with child care education centres and one of them is child care Cairns centre that parents recommend.

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Learning in children

Allowing your young one to take part in child care education is a crucial step to learning development. Child care is not just babysitting your kid, rather it instills life-long knowledge, morals and values to children.

What makes the parents choose child care Cairns centres promote these days? Like most places of the world, it values the fact that children start learning from birth and the curiosity for learning may start at age three. Cairns offers deeply rooted child care education with the following child-centred development:

  1. Cognitive Development – cognition is about mental processes. From birth, your child is constantly observing and thinking in order to learn. Infant children may not be able to form accurate representations of stimuli, but they are able to distinguish one stimulus to another. For example, they are able to differentiate laughing or crying.

They can perceive what is seen by the naked eye and have the tendency to play with what’s being touched. It is both the parents and teacher’s job in a child care Cairns centre to instil learning to a child by telling him what to do and what not to do, given the curiosity that is inside their minds.

  1. Speech and Language Development – children are very attentive listeners. In fact, a baby’s first word took them a long time to remember and pronounce it as it is said. From that moment on, they start to acquire more words to add to their vocabulary. They connect speech and language into cognitive thinking.

Children are practising phonemes, word meanings, sentence construction and context, too. Otherwise, they will have difficulty in understanding and applying how language works. When they have these struggles in speech and language, you can enrol them for speech or language therapy in one of the child care centres Gold Coast can give to your child.

  1. Socio-emotional Development – According to Kohlberg, a well-known psychologist in his theory of stages of moral development, social and emotional development occurs in the preconventional and conventional stage in children.

Pre-conventional stage is where children are submitting to the authoritarian figures like parents or teachers and learning to look out for others, expecting that people will do the same for them. The conventional stage is where children tend to become people pleasers like doing good in school or being kind to others to receive similar treatment. It is also the time where they conform to what’s trendy or the standards of society. Gather information from this link

  1. Fine and Gross Motor Skills Development – because children are constantly growing, their bodily movements increase, too. From infancy, a baby learns to carry his head or to sit upright. As infants grow, they learn to crawl, walk, jump and play. With child care, these movements will be enhanced and controlled.

Caring For Children With Learning

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