Pointers to Have a Lush Green Lawn After Winter

Having a well-maintained lawn is what every homeowner dream of. Not only will you have an eye-catching view but it is also a great place for you and your family to relax. On top of that, it also helps boost the value of your property if you decide to sell one day. That is why most homeowners in Cumming, GA rely on experts in lawn care Cumming offers for their convenience.
Caring for your lawn is not just about aesthetics but it can also be a good form of relaxation. However, if you have no time to care for your yard, you can tap the services of lawn care Cumming professionals.
A properly maintained lawn also provides a safer venue for sports activities or backyard games for your family. Their surface offers great cushion and flexibility for any outdoor events.
Preparing Your Lawn for Winter
There are measures to help your lawn maintain its lush green colour come springtime. Today’s weather can be a bit confusing but there are lawn care tips you should remember. Below are a few of them:
Fertilising Your Lawn
Fertilising your lawn is important to ensure that your lawn stays lush once the winter is over. The best time to apply fertiliser is during fall, or when the grass is still actively growing. But make sure you have already mowed once or twice to ensure healthy root growth.
Consult professional lawn service Cumming has today to ensure you are applying the right amount of fertiliser intended for the size of your lawn. You should also check the directions on the label to ensure proper application.
Mowing Your Lawn
Continue to mow your lawn during fall until the grass stops growing. When leaves start falling during fall, mow over them as soon as possible. Fallen leaves tend to decompose quickly and their organic matter will be added to the soil. If these leaves are not mowed, they may form a mat that smothers grass plants and you will have an uneven growth in the Spring.
Avoid cutting your lawn too short as it can encourage weed growth and diseases which may cause bare patches later on. Find professionals in lawn mowing Cumming has these days to ensure your lawn is mowed appropriately.
Weeding Your Lawn
If you want to ensure that your lawn is free from weeds, you should focus on taking care of your grass. Fall is the perfect time to control weeds. You can either pull them from their roots or spot-treat problem areas with a herbicide. You can ask the landscaping companies Cumming wide for their most recommended herbicide brand.
Aerate Your Lawn During Winter
Your lawn usually enhances its roots during fall as it prepares for winter. If you aerate your lawn, this will further increase root growth and allows it to breathe. This is also a great way to minimise any thatch build up. There are aerators you can try that help remove small plugs of soil to allow water, air and other essential nutrients to penetrate the roots. The trusted experts in lawn care Cumming has today will help aerate your lawn so it can have better chances of growing lush and green in the springtime.
These are just a few lawn care tips and ideas you can try for your lawn. Once ice sets in, make sure to keep your lawn clean. Keep driveways and sidewalks free from ice and snow so you will have a safe place to walk without damaging your lawn. You may visit https://www.absolutelawnpros.com/  for more tips and pointers.